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Fri, 27th of June


Welcome to queer!Sam week, a week dedicated to everything about Sam Winchester being queer. This is a little challenge to help people encourage their belief in Sam Winchester being queer, to help promote the idea of Sam being queer, and to help connect fans of Sam being read as queer together. (Inspired by this week.)

The most important thing is to have fun!

July 7th, Day 1; Favorite (potentially) Queer!Sam moment(s)
July 8th, Day 2; Favorite Queer relationship
July 9th, Day 3; Favorite Poly relationship
July 10th, Day 4; Sam + Pride Colors
July 11th, Day 5; Headcanons
July 12th, Day 6; AU
July 13th, Day 7; Free For All

Days further explained here. Rules here.

Tag your posts with #queersamweek so we can find them!

Thu, 26th of June
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Sat, 21st of June
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Fri, 20th of June


Besides being really cool to watch, this scene is actually really important to the storyline of Scott becoming an alpha. He has so much more control here than in any of the previous seasons, and is clearly much more in control than Boyd and Isaac, who still “turn wolf” at random moments when they get emotional. You can see the exact moment that Scott decides to turn; it’s a very conscious decision on his part, and it comes in stages. First the face structure/facial hair bit, then the teeth, then the eyes. It doesn’t look the same as his other transformations, either - those were instantaneous and often instinctual. Here it’s like he’s pulling his wolfness out of himself, if that makes sense. The wolf is inside of him and a part of him all the time, but he decides when to use it and to what degree. Scott has an intense level of control over himself and the wolf, and that’s what allows him to have such control over the others.

Whenever he pulls the ‘alpha’ card on the others - with Isaac, mostly, but also Boyd - it’s always very deliberate, even in the heat of the moment like when he was trying to save Allison, and he uses the exact amount of force and heat needed to get the message across.

Scott knows exactly what he’s doing when it comes to being a werewolf, now. It’s not like in the first season, where he had to piece stuff together from Stiles’ internet research, his own instincts, and random bits of info Derek gave him sparingly. He still doesn’t have all the answers, but it seems like he’s just decided to come up with his own and just roll with what fits best for him - what seems right, and Scott is always trying to do the right thing. Scott McCall is going to be an amazing alpha, and we all get to watch it. I can’t wait.

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Fri, 20th of June

you’re so beautiful; why is it fading out?

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Fri, 20th of June
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Fri, 20th of June


He’s got you, baby.

I love how his right arm automatically comes up to welcome Elena into her “spot”, even as he’s walking and talking to someone else.
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Fri, 20th of June
Fri, 20th of June
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Thu, 19th of June

R I S E  d e s h i   b a s a r a

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